Neema Vedadi has been DJing for the past seven years at venues, music festivals, and weddings across Central Texas. His passion is keeping folks dancing through clever transitions that keep the energy building. While his personal focus is on Hip-hop, EDM, Pop, Funk and Rock, his keen ear is at home picking out the gems from any genre.

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Originally hailing from New York City, Brandon’s musical pursuits started at the early age of 9 years old. His first love of music came through playing drums and he’s had the opportunity to play professionally for many years. Before college, Brandon fell into DJing at local parties and clubs in Staten Island, NY. Since then, Brandon has honed his skills and has DJ’ed for parties, weddings, and events across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Chicago.

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Tyler Olson has been spinning records for the past 15 years, holding residencies here in Austin as well as his home town, Madison, Wisconsin and abroad in London England. He’s DJed numerous weddings and many individual events including SXSW, ESPN X-Games, The Honda Civic Tour and F1 racing.  Tyler prides himself on his wide range of music knowledge and the ability to seamlessly cross-blend through different genres.  As  seasoned DJ, Tyler excels at sensing the mood of his crowd and playing tracks that keep his audience satisfied.

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