White Label is a collective of DJs in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Austin. We work in bars, clubs, stores, launch events, art shows, private parties, and weddings.

We provide a premium DJ experience with exceptional customer service. We work in a full spectrum of styles and genres to customize our music to fit your event.

Because we love music. Being a DJ is more than just our job, it’s who we are. We DJ because we’re passionate about creating, performing and connecting.

Welcome to White Label

Thanks for checking out White Label! I started this company because honestly, there aren’t a lot of great wedding DJs out there. In fact, many are just plain bad. Too many times friends have told me about the weddings they’ve gone to being great, except for the loud-mouthed DJ who played all the wrong music. We’re here to change the wedding DJ stigma. Our philosophy is simple. We book DJs who are talented and easy to work with. We don’t wear sparkly tuxes, talk in an obnoxious “DJ voice” and we don’t play embarrassing music you don’t want to hear. So take a look around! Listen to our mixes, read our profiles. When you find a DJ you like, let us know. We’d love to help make your wedding amazing!

Nate Oinonen | White Label Owner

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