NICK DIGIULIO | Philadelphia, PA

Nick’s knowledge of music goes back to grade school, where he first studied music at the age of 10. He continued his studies as well as playing in bands through out high school. In his early 20s, Nick became involved in the Philadelphia DJ scene and in 2008 he was honored with DJ Times Magazine “DJ Insider Approved DJ” award.

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BRANDON KEEKS | Philadelphia, PA

Originally hailing from New York City, Brandon’s musical pursuits started at the early age of 9 years old. His first love of music came through playing drums and he’s had the opportunity to play professionally for many years. Before college, Brandon fell into DJing at local parties and clubs in Staten Island, NY. Since then, Brandon has honed his skills and has DJ’ed for parties, weddings, and events across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Chicago.

Brandon's Profile